Part 1
   o The author
   o Intended Audience
   o The Life and Times
   o Biblical Prophecy
   o Revelationev (structure and timeline)

Chapter 1
   o Why is Revelation Important?
   o The Big Picture
   o 5 Natural Divisions
   o Clues to chronology

   o Why is Revelation Important?
      o Explains Biblical view of God and his relationship with humans
      o Gives us a glimpse of Heaven
      o Message of Hope

   o Whirlwind Tour
      o Rev 1 Introduction
      o Rev 2-3 Letters to the Seven Churches
      o Rev 4-20 Judgements and Vignettes
      o Rev 21-22:6 New Beginnings
      o Rev 22:7-21 Epilogue

   o Rev 1 Introduction
      o Unveils Jesus's plans (from God) Rev 1:1
      o Author: John Rev 1:4
      o Audience: Seven Churchs of Asia Rev 1:4
      o Where: Patmos Rev 1:9
      o Purpose: Preview of what will happen Rev 1:1
      o Audience: God -> Jesus -> Angel -> John -> 7 Churches -> Others

   o Rev 2-3 Letters to the Seven Churches
         o Different Spiritual states
         o Faithful: Smyrna, Philadelphia = Encouragement
         o Sardis, Ephesus, Pergamum, Thyatira = Commendation + Rebuke
         o Laodicea = No encouragement, call to repentence

   o Rev 4-20 Judgements and Vignettes
      o 7 Seals (opened), 7 Trumpets (sound), 7 Bowls (poured)
      o Jesus's Return, battle of Armagedon, the Millinium, Spiritual loosed, and Last Judgement
      o Not a single linear storyline
      o Judgements
         o Seal opened ... Judgement occurs
         o Trumpet sounded ... More severe Judgement
         o Bowls ... Wrath without restraint
      o Secondary Storyline: Vignettes
         o 144,000 believers (Israel) Rev 7:1-8
         o "Great Multitude" delivered from the Great Tribulation Rev 7:9-17
         o John meets Angel; eats scroll Rev 10
         o 2 witnesses Rev 11:3-12
         o Woman and Dragon; war in Heaven Rev 12
         o Beasts from sea and earth Rev 13
         o Jesus appears w/ 144,000 on Mount Zion Rev 14:1-5
         o 3 angels proclaim msgs of repentance and warning Rev 14:6-13
         o Separation of believers and non-believers Rev 14:11-20
         o The Great Prostitute and Babylon Rev 17:1-19:3

      o Rev 21-22:6 New Beginnings
         o New Heaven and earth
         o God will live alongside humans Rev 21:3-5

      o Rev 22:7-21 Epilogue
         o End of Prophecy
         o Major refrain: "Behold, I am coming soon." Rev 22:7, 22:12, 22:20
         o Alerts: Obedience Rev 22:7, Action Rev 22:12, Faith Rev 22:20

      * NOTE: "In the Spirit" - pg 19.
      * NOTE: "Transition Phrases" - pg 20.
      o Two layers of narrative
         o John's experience of the vision on Patmos (Present)
         o The content of the visions
         * NOTE: Leonardo DiCapprio Movies - Inception, Shutter Island

      o Parallelism: e.g., Vantage Point (Dennis Quaid)
         o Compare Rev 12:6 and Rev 12:13-17
         o People disagree on parallelism
         o Millinium Disagreements -- pg 21

Chapter 2
   o The author: John
   o Roman Empire impact
   o Why John wrote the book
   o When was the book written
   o Style

   o ID-ing John (the author)
      o General Consensus: Apostle John

   o Dissenters
      o Dionysius - Pope of the Alexandrian church wiki:(Pope_Dionysius)
         o See discussion pg 25
         o Strongest point?

   o Defending John as author
      o See pg 26
         o Strongest point? Point 4

   o Understanding the times
      o Rise of the emperor gods - see chart pg 29
      o Jews fleeing Palestine - pg 31
      o Widening gap between Jews and Christians - pg 31
         o Growth of the Christian Church
      o Growing persecution of Christians - pg 31
         o Judaism legal. Christianity was new
         o Roman sponsored persecution, Antipas Rev 2:13
         * NOTE: See Maps pgs 32-33

   o The Dating Game (when did John write the Revelation?)
      o The 60's - pg 35
         o Temple still standing Rev 11:1
         o Refs to Nero Rev 17:9-10 Rev 13:3-4
         o 666 maybe Nero Rev 13:18
         o Rough Greek --- possibly John's early writings
      o The 90's - pg 36
         o During wiki:(Domitian)'s reign
         o Consensus of early church leaders
         o State of the 7 Churches was different than during Paul's ministries
         o Timing of John's ministry to Asia
         o Earthquake in Laodicea in early 60's
         o Emperor Worship -- gained prominence during wiki:(Domitian)'s reign
         o Christian persecution outside of Rome

   o Style of John's writing
      o Epistle: Similar
      o Prophecy: Similar to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Haggai
      o Apocalyptic: Followup to Daniel, Ezekiel, Zechariah (end times)

      o As Epistle: pg 38
         o Intro, Body, End
      o As Apoocalyptic Literature: pg 39
         o Hard times, vivid imagery and symbolism, real-world counterparts
         o Angels as guides
         o Uses numbers
      o As Prophecy: pg 40
         o Encourage and comfort believers 1 Cor 14:3
         o Give hope Rev 1:3
         o Refocus on God Rev 1:3

      o As Extraordinary Inspiration - pg 41
         o About Jesus John 14:26
         o By the Spirit (1 Cor 2:13)
         o Divine Revelation Rev 1:1
         o In the Spirit Rev 1:10

Chapter 3
   o Exploring Old Testament Prophecy
   o Discovering Old Testament symbolism in Revelation
   o Daniel's 70 Weeks Dan 9
   o Deciphering the Olivet Discourse Matt 24-25

   o Old Testament Backdrop to Revelation
      * NOTE: 250 refs to Old Testament books used to support Revelation
      * NOTE: Metanarrative - pg 44 - context for stories 
      o See pg 44-45
      o "Tree of Life" 4x Rev 2:7 Rev 22:2 Rev 22:14 Rev 22:19 - Re: Gen 3:2
      o Judgement on enemies Rev 19:20 Rev 20:10 - Re: Gen 19:24
      o "Woman clothed with the sun..." Rev 12:1 - Re: Gen 37:9

   o Peeking into Old Testament Prophecy
      o Isaiah - re: wiki:(Book_Of_Isaiah) - pg 47
      o Ezekial - re: wiki:(Book_Of_Ezekiel) - pg 48
      o Daniel - re: wiki:(Book_Of_Daniel) - pg 49
      o Zechariah - re: wiki:(Book_Of_Zechariah) - pg 50
      o Jeremiah - re: wiki:(Book_Of_Jeremiah) - pg 50
      o Joel - re: wiki:(Book_Of_Joel) - pg 51

   o The 70 Weeks of Daniel 9 Dan 9
      o 70 years of captivity of Israel almost over Jer 25:8-11
      o The Debate
         o 7 Weeks Dan 9:25
         o 62 Weeks Dan 9:25
         o 1 Week Dan 9:26-27

      o The Long Week - Dispensationalists View wiki:(Dispensationalism)
         o 7 Dispensations = 7 Churches
         o 1 week .ne. actual week but = "weeks of years"
         * NOTE: 70 weeks = 490 years
         o See timetable pg 52