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Wedding Toast

To Janelle and Jackson Perdue
Presented on: July 10, 2004
By Michael Cornelio, Father of the Bride

Good afternoon to all of you. Cathy and I would like to welcome all of you to the celebration of marriage of our daughter, Janelle to the love of her life, Jackson. Your being-here has made this day even more special and we owe a debt of gratitude to so many of you for your support over the years.

As I watched the wedding ceremony today I was reminded of how quickly the years have gone by. Janelle is the first of our "Little Women." She is a naturally gifted leader and has always led by example. Janelle, you've been a joy to raise, and mom and I want to thank you for all the joy that you've given us as we've watched you grow up.

We've kept a close eye on Jackson over the past year as he's pursued Janelle. From his unique pick-up line to his asking for Janelle's hand in marriage to his six hour drive to San Diego to surprise her with a marriage proposal in the early morning. In all that time, we've found him to be an honorable young man and he has earned our love and admiration. Jackson, it is with an open heart that Cathy and I welcome you into our family. We are honored to consider you our new son.

And to my daughter Janelle, one last thing before I finish, I wanted to say that I've never seen you look more beautiful than you do today.

Friends and family, Cathy and I are honored to invite all of you to celebrate with us and ask that you all lift your glasses as a blessing for their future.

To Janelle and Jackson!

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